Wilhelmina Ford

Wilhelmina Ford
Founder of ShareAbode
The Interview with Wilhelmina Ford

Hello, I’m Willo

Founder of ShareAbode and solo mum to two toddlers.

ShareAbode connects single parents for co-living
so they can reduce the cost of rent and
expenses and gain friendship and and support.


It helps those living week to week
to start generating savings, reduce stress and
enjoy their journey more.

It gives a solution for single parents homeless
to get into a property with minimal bond and
ongoing costs because the burden is shared.


And it offers a viable solution for those wanting to leave DV
or have left DV to have an easier start
and more financially stable start to build their lives again.

If I can be of assistance please reach out below




I look forward to connecting with you on
at the very first WEFest Event on the 16th June.